26: A blockchain-based model of peer review

This is adapted from our “recent” paper in F1000 Research, entitled “A multi-disciplinary perspective on emergent and future innovations in peer review.” Due to its rather monstrous length, I’ll be posting chunks of the text here in sequence over the next few weeks/months to help disseminate it in more easily digestible bites. Enjoy! This section outlines […]

Science Research: Decentralization and Blockchain – Impakter

Another great post by Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska. Excerpt: Imagine what would happen if universities established a decentralized network of higher education institutions protecting the legacy of humankind and maintaining the quality of it directly, not via services of monopolistic middlemen. – The governmental funding could be invested into replication studies and could give jobs to […]

New study: Preprints in Scholarly Communication: Re-Imagining Metrics and Infrastructures

A paper that I helped to peer review is now published, and should be of interest. Here’s the abstract: Digital scholarship and electronic publishing among the scholarly communities are changing when metrics and open infrastructures take centre stage for measuring research impact. In scholarly communication, the growth of preprint repositories over the last three decades […]