Palaeontology and Open Science roundup: August 17th, 2018

Welcome to your usual weekly roundup of interesting stuff that happened in the last week! Enjoy, and let me know if I’ve missed anything out. Previous week.

Palaeontology News

  • Balanoff et al: The Endocranial Cavity of Oviraptorosaur Dinosaurs and the Increasingly Complex, Deep History of the Avian Brain.
  • Henderson: A buoyancy, balance and stability challenge to the hypothesis of a semi-aquatic Spinosaurus Stromer, 1915 (Dinosauria: Theropoda).

Open Science News

  • The European Research Council has announced it will be accepting preprints for future grant applications!
  • Hartgerink: Verified, shared, modular, and provenance based research communication with the Dat protocol.
  • Traag and Waltman: Systematic analysis of agreement between metrics and peer review in the UK REF.

Stuff I’ve done

Crikey! We’re gonna need a bigger boat… | PLOS Paleo Community

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