Open Science in Slovenia

Just to follow up from the last post here, a nice blog post over at OpenAIRE has popped up for the conference on Open Science in Slovenia I talked at a couple of weeks ago. It provides nice snapshot summaries of each of the talks involved, and a continuous video of all the talks can be found here.

OpenCon representing!

I like the summary of my talk: “Dr Jonathan P. Tennant (Imperial College London) characterized the scientific communication system as largely funded by the public, governed by private interests, restricted in terms what can be done with it, access is a financial or status privilege, and research and communication is secondary to the business model. There are no reasons for not sharing everything. Researchers should be aware of their rights and should use Creative Commons licenses. Evaluation of science and peer review should adopt openness.” Slides with evidence supporting these statements can be found here, and via Google.

Judging from that face, this was probably around the time I stated that the European Commission needs to take a stand against private corporate interests and put the needs of the public back at the core of their open science policy developments.

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