Open Scholarship

Science is for everyone, not just a privileged “elite”

This is a list of all articles and personal activities relating in some way to supporting ‘Open Scholarship’ – something I feel is just about doing science right, based on principles and values of equity, liberation, inclusivity, rigour, transparency, and accountability (to name a few). To get in touch about any of this, you can email me. Please feel free to share and reuse any of the content here.

Talking in Slovenia at the Department of Education

Main projects and roles

  • Founder of the open publication platform, paleorXiv (companion website) (2017-2019)

Relevant research publications

Open Science

Peer Review


Editorial roles
Relevant grants and awards
Freelance science writing and consultancy

Authored ‘popular media’ articles

  • On the ‘para-academic’ industry, co-authored with Charlotte Wien. Weekend-Avisen. In Danish.
  • ‘Transformative’ open access publishing deals are only entrenching commercial power – Times Higher Education.
  • Why we shouldn’t take peer review as the ‘gold standard’ – Washington Post.
  • Reforming scholarly publishing, Forum, Issues in Science and Technology.
  • The Scientific Journal: Authorship and the Politics of Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century – Book review, Information and Culture.
  • Plan S – Time to decide what we stand for – LSE Impact Blog.
  • Embracing Failure as an Intrinsic Part of Science #Failtales – Digital Science.
  • Teaching scientists how to share code – OpenSource.
  • Imagine a Research Future Defined by Open Values: Introducing the Open Science MOOC – Generation R.
  • What is Open Science and why is it important? – AuthorAID.
  • The cost of knowledge: Education unions unite against the privatisation of scholarly research – NORRAG.
  • An introduction to Open Peer Review – EURODOC
  • Open science: Who benefits? – MARINAzine
  • Why DORA is more important than ever – A perspective from an early-career scientist – DORA
  • The “problem” of predatory publishing remains a relatively small one and should not be allowed to defame open access – LSE Impact Blog post co-authored with Tom Olijhoek
  • Do we need an Open Science coalition? – Elephant in the Lab (also cross-posted to the LSE Impact Blog)
  • Preprints help journalism, not hinder it – Nature piece with Corina Logan and Laurent Gatto
  • Making research evaluation processes more transparent in Europe – LSE Impact Blog
  • Scholarly publishing is broke. Here’s how to fix it – Aeon
  • Peer review – A gold standard? – Co-written with Maria Ritola, co-founder of Iris.AI
  • Elsevier are corrupting open science in Europe – The Guardian
  • The Dark Side of Peer Review – Editorial Office News
  • Peer Review Report template – Authorea
  • We have the technology to save peer review – now it is up to our communities to implement it – LSE Impact Blog (in Portuguese and in Spanish)

    • How to stay on top of the published research literature – LSE Impact Blog

Talks, webinars, and events




    • Co-organised OpenCon London with Digital Science and the Know Center (November, 2017) (video)
    • Chair for discussion on the link between science communication and research impact at SpotOn London (November, 2017) (video, resources)
    • Keynote talk, Open science as a junior researcher, Knowledge Exchange Workshop, Paris, France (September 2017) (slides) (final KE report)

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  • Invited panelist and speaker, Altmetricon, London, UK (September, 2015)


  • Invited speaker at OpenCon London satellite on Open Data, UK (November, 2014)


Other media appearances

  • A Revolution in Science Publishing, or Business as Usual? – Undark.
  • Could a battle between internet pirates and publishers benefit the fight against COVID-19? – CGTN.
  • The Free Market Isn’t Up to the Coronavirus Challenge – Jacobin.
  • University of California break with Elsevier tipped to boost ‘global revolt’ – Times Higher Education.
  • Criticizes deals with giants: – Misuse of public funds, Khrono (In Norwegian).
  • Qatar National Library promotes International Open Access Week 2019, Press Release.
  • Because everyone must be guaranteed access to scientific journals – Internazionale (in Italian).
  • Germans to close “transformative” deal with SpringerNature – ScienceGuide.
  • Journal’s plan to review preprints aims to kill ‘desk rejects’ – Times Higher Education.
  • Springer Nature proposes Open Access model transition – Times Higher Education.
  • Elsevier agrees to first read-and-publish deal – Inside Higher Ed.
  • Commission defends Elsevier monitoring decision – ResearchResearch.
  • Hope – and a welter of concerns – greets Europe’s radical open access plan – Science Business.
  • ‘You never said my peer review was confidential’ – scientist challenges publisher – Nature News
  • Why high profile journals have more retractions – Nature News
  • Career advice: How to peer review – Times Higher Education
  • Tweeting and rule-breaking at academic conferences – The BMJ
  • High rejection rates by journals ‘pointless’ – Times Higher Education
  • Open Science Mooc discussed – Open Science Radio (in German)
  • Openness doesn’t compromise your career, it builds it! – F1000
  • Open Peer Review finds more takers – Nature News
  • Tweeting for RealScientists during Open Science Week 2017 – RealScientists
  • Publishers go after networking site for illicit sharing of journal papers – Science Magazine
  • Publishers take ResearchGate to court, alleging massive copyright infringement – Science Magazine
  • A growing Open Access toolbox – The Scientist
  • Online tools enable unprecedented access to science research – Physics Today
  • The ethical social network – Inside Higher Ed
  • Intersections of Openness: Open Access, Science, & Education – Abbey Elder, Iowa State University
  • Open science in the EU – Will the astroturfers take over? – University World News