My year in 2013

Inspired by Martin Eve, I decided to make a documentation of academic-related stuff I’ve achieved in 2013. The last year was mostly occupado by the first year of my PhD, but other academic-ish stuff too as complimentary activities to research. This is kinda like a personal diary of ‘achievements’, as well as a documentation of the extent of work-procrastination. As such, please feel free not to share this with my supervisor 😉

Primary Research

  • Entered 369 papers into the Paleobiology Database, as part of developing the core data for my research
  • Traveled to Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Bucharest, Lyon, and New York for primary assessment of atoposaurid crocodylomorph fossils (see blog post here)
  • Attended workshop in Bristol on quantitative palaeontology using PAST and  (current skill ranking: eejit)
  • Have first paper on ruminant snouts ready for submission (see below), as well as others on: 1) reviewing the Jurassic/Cretaceous (J/K) interval (near-completion); 2) crocodylomorph diversity dynamics at the J/K boundary (about two-thirds done); 3) extrinsic and intrinsic trait evolution of crocs at the J/K boundary (about one-third done); 4) phylogeny of Atoposauridae (about half done); 5) re-description and taxonomic revision of Alligatorellus species (near-complete)

Social Media

  • Surpassed 3000 followers on Twitter (current: 3901). Apologies to each of them.
  • Began blogging for Nature’s Scitable network (Earthbound)
  • Wrote 56 blog posts for the current EGU blog
  • Helped with production of the Palaeocast podcast (winner of best podcast in 2013 Science Seeker award)

Presentations (non-academic)

Presentations (academic)

Publications (academic)

Publications (non-academic)

Other (e.g., policy-related)

  • Represented the geological community in Parliament at the Voice of the Future event
  • Attended several open access-related events at the Royal Society, Parliament, and elsewhere in London to informally discuss the impact and role of early-career researchers
  • Successfully procured two grants for Palaeocast from the Palaeontological Society and Palaeontological Association
  • Became an F1000 specialist
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant for two modules at Imperial College London (Palaeontology, and Life and Earth History)
  • Co-organised event at Imperial College discussing opening up research data (with the Science Communication Forum)

That’s about all I can remember for now, so Happy New Year! 🙂

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