Mirror of Jon Tennant's website - Green Tea and Velociraptors

The website at https://fossilsandshit.ineed.coffee/fossilsandshit.com contains a mirror of the publicly available files of Jon Tennant's website, Green Tea and Velociraptors, also http://fossilsandshit.com.

Due to how the Web and JavaScript work, some functionality is broken as not all scripts could be included in the mirror. But all content is there. All his posts are available at /fossilsandshit.com/blog/index.html.

This mirror will be served as long as I can serve a website, and I encourage anyone to download my mirror at https://github.com/dgraziotin/fossilsandshit.ineed.coffee/archive/refs/heads/master.zip [ZIP archive].

The maintainer of this mirror is Daniel Graziotin at ineed.coffee, please direct any inquiry to daniel AT ineed DOT coffee.